photo 9Who We Are

The Masons are the largest and oldest fraternal organization in the world. Our purpose is to takegood men and make them better. We do this by teaching charity, relief, and truth. We profess faith in God but we are not a religion, nor do we require our brothers to be of a specific denomination. Winfield Masons have served the Walnut Valley area through charity and other community events since 1872. Our beautiful and historic lodge is nearly 100 years old and is filled with many interesting and curious artifacts, historical photos, and art objects. The stained glass window you see here is just one example.

If you are interested in becoming a part of our organization or any other appendant Masonic bodies, or if you would just like to take a tour of our beautiful lodge, you can contact us at (620) 221-0109. If there is no answer please leave us a message on how we may contact you and we will get back with you at the earliest possible time.


Within our revered and respected instutution, Masons are recognized and welcomed in lodges around the world.  We are occasionally visited by our English Brother Charlie Barker.  He is a Past Master of Richard Huish Lodge #8518 in Taunton, England and during his visits he captivates us with his stories of Masonic life in England and how they differ from our own rules and rituals here in the U.S.  For instance, almost all Masonic Lodges in England have their own bar or pub.  Brother Barker's most recent visit with us was during the Walnut Valley Festival where he and his wife Karen enjoyed helping us with our Poppin' Johnny Coffee and Donut run. They had a good time helping us and attending the various stages and events at the festival.

We are periodically conducting lecture classes on Mondays (except holidays) at 7:00pm. The intent of these classes is to practice degrees, lectures, floorwork, or any other riturals performed in the lodge. Be sure to attend our regular stated meetings to find out if we are meeting at this time as we will not be meeting on the following Monday if there is not sufficient interest or need. This is open to all Masons who would like to improve themselves on the lectures, degree conferals, or floor work.

Be sure to check our calendar page for these and other upcoming events.